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Digitization of Corporate Training

A study by Roland Berger, founder of the company Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, states that ‘e-learning in companies is on advance, but the training tools have to fit the corporate culture and strategy’. In a survey conducted by Deloitte, nearly 45% employees cited the problem and urgent need of digitization of corporate training. This denotes the need and importance of corporate training digitization in today’s era. The corporate e-learning market growth was observed to be about 13% in the year 2017 as companies are seeking new and innovative ways to further their employees’ know-how.

The online education market is blooming rapidly because of the technological developments in the recent years. Corporate and online training are becoming less expensive and more readily available. Digitization is impacting almost every industry. Organizations are increasingly looking at active participation in corporate training and their deliveries.

The digitization of corporate training has reduced trainings and travel budgets. This also maximizes the effectiveness of instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs. With this, an organization gets the best of both worlds i.e. it has the power of traditional training delivery and it also multiplies the impact of training by leveraging on the flexibility of online delivery. These trainings provide highly engaging and interactive learning sessions. Here are 3 important benefits of digitization of corporate trainings:

  • Suitable to Global Companies: The digital methods of further education are particularly suitable for global companies which can bring widely dispersed locations with varying levels of education to the same level.
  • Integrated Learning: The combination of online and in-class study has enabled true blending learning today. Participants can work through online modules at their own pace with this integrated education options.
  • Positive impact: The trainings should be able to develop the participants including personality development. The companies create necessary structures and incentives to raise the acceptance of new ways of learning. This impacts the employees and encourages them at the workplace.

The digitization of online training has the potential to significantly change the way we learn. The combination of online technologies and social media influence demand and supply in education and technology sector giving rise to new business models and new opportunities.

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